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Birthing a business…. and a baby!

Before COVID hit…

That is a sentence that seems to start on so many people’s lips these days, but so much did shift for us all.

Before it hit, I had not even thought of starting a business of my own. I was, and still am, a Retail Account Manager for a global organisation and I was just comfortable. Comfortable earning a steady pay cheque, with the certainty in knowing I would be happy and set up earning and contributing towards my little family one day.

Then COVID hit, and my first child came into existence 3 months after, experiencing a COVID South Africa with me and his father. Of course, there were very trying times, one of them being in lock down level 5 and seeing my family 24/7 (ha ha!)  However, there were sweet times. Oh, they were so sweet.

Being pregnant was one of the most creative, inspiring times of my life – I am not sure which hormones did it for me, but Blue Heaven really took off when I was in my third trimester and COVID was very new to us all. I had more time to spend with my little one, and more time to experiment with my movement boards. He loved this too! It was a piloting phase of some sorts, and now it is grown.

There are many well-known South African distributors on board selling my products, and now you, my incredibly special customer, can purchase online at your convenience, on my very own website.

I am so immensely proud of how far I have come, but even more excited to see where to from here!

Great to have you here,



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